3/10/12 - Message from Gabriel

“Love is all we need” I think says it all. I think we all forget sometimes how this one word LOVE changes our lives so much. From Gods love, your Moms love and to how you love, it is the answer we seek and what our soul lives for. This word is in every one of my favorite songs and it’s in a lot of mine. I try my best to walk in this light and be a man that humbles himself to this word and where it came from. As I fall down everyday, grace picks me up and I am thankful and blessed to create. To the souls that helped me put my vision together on this EP, you know I love you for it. To my muse, this would not be possible without your giving heart, so I thank you from mine and give you my never ending love… forever ever! And to my fans present and future, I hope you feel the real in these songs, these words and this man.

Thank you for your support.